Atomatic Flower: Melon Cookies

Atomatic Flower: Melon Cookies

Atomatic Flower: Melon Cookies

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New aromatic flower: Melon Cookies

THC:<0.2% Product for technical, aromatic or collection use.

Melon Cookies

The Melon Cookies flower is one of the legal varieties of CBD that are becoming famous among the most expert. This sativa is obtained from the cross between Girl Scout Cookies x Watermelon, having its strong aroma of the mixture between fruity and sweet.


The appearance of its flowers is really unique, a combination between light green and ochre colors that invites you to smell it. Medium in size and thick in shape, The Melon Cookies flower is reminiscent of the shape of a small "tree". Its ochre/yellow trichomes and pistils wrap it with a layer of resin as if it were the wrapper of a caramel.


The smell of Melon Cookies is very special. A balance created by its crosses makes it a highly appreciated variety among the most knowledgeable in the world of CBD. In fact, this genetics combines the sweet flavors of the Indica family with the sour aromas of Watermelon. The result is a full-bodied, sweet aroma with clear hints of pine and earthy combined with a sweet citrus and ripe fruit flavor, its aftertaste of melon and biscuit has given the name to this variety. Intense aroma at first, ending with a softness that envelops you in a feeling of authentic nature.

Origin and Cultivation

The production of this variety is carried out in a well-known agricultural company located in Andalusia. Its producer manages to make the most of all the advantages of outdoor cultivation. Melon Cookies is a resistant variety and lends itself very well for outdoor growing and greenhouses. These hand-selected buds are grown organically without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides, to offer the best quality and preserve the organoleptic properties of flowers.

The negligible THC content of these CBD-rich hemp flowers means they offer no psychotropic effect.



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